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          Shijiazhuang Huaxu Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd is located in Shijiazhuang city,Hebei province. Which is founded in 1992,the company has over 500 employees and holds an area of about 50000 square meters. Mannitol is our main product,we also produce Fructose,D-mannose and other food additives,we have good market share in the domestic and foreign market,which enjoys high reputation among customers.

          HUAXU people take the soul of “TO BE HEALTH FOREVER”,to force for people,s health,everything for the customer,We gave precise attitude to make scientific research and development. We adopt world-class production technology and equipment,high-quality product standards to innovative forever and keep developing , The company has been successively passed certificate of ISO22000:2005 / GB/T22000-2006,HACCP,GMP,NON-GOM and KOSHER of Food Additives etc.

          Developing the enterprise and enriching staff is the company philosophy,The enterprise culture with dissemination of human charm attractive talent people,we formed a team with rich coordination,fighting and challenge spirits。HUAXU people and enterprise share the same fate。After ten years fighting and development the sales amount keeps increasing,sale achievement keeps well and sales network has extended globally.

          Enthusiasm makes dreams come true,Responsibility bearing hope,huaxu always adhere to the excellence spirit with respecting for life and people,to make sure responsible for every clients,working staff and social society,to service for creating all human health life all sincerity.



    地       址:石家庄经济技术开发区工业大街33号

    客服热线:0311-89105188 / 89105208


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